Are the capsules vegan?

Yes – they are.

Is it made from gelatin?

No – The capsule is Vegan.

Is there an odour from the capsules?

Our products are all natural and produced without added scents. However, this would depend on ones scent preferences.

Can this product be taken while pregnant?

No – this product is not recommended for those who are breast-feeding or pregnant.

Can this product be taken after drinking alcohol or consuming cannabis?

There are no contradictions however we suggest that you consult a physician when referring to alcohol and cannabis.

Is snooze an addictive sleeping aid?

Snooze will allow for a deep rested sleep. It is recommended to consult your health practitioner if sleeplessness persists after 3 weeks.

How fast does snooze work?

Snooze usually takes 20-30 min however it varies from person to person.

Will I be able to wake up in the middle of the night if needed?

Snooze is not intended to sedate, so if needed you can return to being awake and aware. Individuals vary in their response and tolerance to the sleep support aids. If there are concerns with responses to sleep aids, a medical practitioner should be consulted.

Is there a problem combining Snooze with antidepressants?

It is advised to always consult a medical doctor, when taking a prescribed medication.

Can this sleeping aid be taken by elderly?

Yes – Snooze can be taken by seniors.

Why is KSM66 Ashwagandha considered the best on the market?

Many other brands on the market use both the stem and root. KSM66 is a trademarked brand of Ashwagandha that only uses the highest concentration of root only extracts on the market today. root. The root contains the properties to address adrenal concerns.

For more information regarding KSM66 please visit:


If by accident a double dose of Snooze is taken should I be concerned?

Those with extreme sleep issues can take two Snooze. If a double dose is taken the dosage will not cause harm.

When should I take Restore?

It is recommended to take Restore after lunch for the best results.

Can this sleeping aid be taken by teenagers?

The recommended age is 18, however Snooze contains all natural ingredients. If you have a teenager with sleep issues it is recommended to seek advice of a medical practitioner  in regards to Snooze being a fit.

How does Restore help with my 3pm energy crash?

One of the unique ingredients in Restore is Bacopa. This herb assists with mental focus and clarity, which eliminates that 3pm energy crash.

How long will I have to take Lose it before I notice a difference?

Lose it is designed to increase your metabolism, provide energy, and assist with weight loss but for the optimal results there must be daily movement and a nutrient dense, healthy meal plan. This is why each bottle has a QR code that contains support tips, workouts and meal plans to help to work towards your health goal. We have had customers report weight loss in less than 2 weeks and those in 30-60 days.

Can I take Reset if I am on the pill?

Yes, you can take Reset when you are on the pill. Once you end your relationship with the hormonal birth control you can change over to Reclaim as your day-to-day hormonal support.

Does Sleep N Beauty contain collagen?

Sleep N Beauty contains L-lysine, Indian Goose Berry, Vit C and Vi A. These ingredients work synergistically to support the body’s natural ability to produce more collagen. The GABA, Melatonin, Magnesium Bisglycinate Zinc and Vit D supports sleep and immunity.

How do I take Sleep N Beauty?

We recommend taking Sleep N Beauty with warm water before bed like a tea however it can be taken in a shaker with cold water.

Can men take Aeryon Wellness products?

Yes, men can take Aeryon Wellness products. If a male is experiencing estrogen dominance the ingredients Reclaim (DIM, Resveratrol Calcium-D-Glucarate etc.) could be a helpful however it is advised to seek advice from a medical practitioner. Estrogen Dominance in men include, abdominal weight gain, lethargy, fatigue, brain fog, insomnia, mood swings, irritability, low libido, depression and anxiety.

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Made for women by women

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Made For You

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100% Moneyback Guarantee

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No Fillers

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