Chinese HawthornChinese Hawthorn

Chinese Hawthorn

The Chinese Hawthorn is a small tree with red fruits, which have long been used in traditional medicine. However, only now are its benefits beginning to make an impact on modern society. In Northern China, it is often used in desserts, with the dried fruit known to aid digestion. One of its most useful aspects is that it opens up the blood vessels, particularly those of the heart, allowing for better circulation, which in turn, can reduce chest pain.

Currently Chinese Hawthorn is one of the most recommended supplements to aid weight loss, as it is known to help speed up the metabolism and stimulate faster digestion of food. It is particularly useful in the metabolism of lipids or fats in the liver, leading to less fat storage. Chinese Hawthorn berries also relieve unwanted water retention, as they expel any excess sodium in the body, allowing it to retain the correct balance of water.

Aside from its effects on physical conditions, Chinese Hawthorn also has its uses for mental health problems. It is known to fight stress and anxiety, and has mood-boosting benefits, which can relieve symptoms of depression. This makes it especially desirable for those who wish to avoid potentially addictive medicines.

This fruit can be particularly beneficial in preventing stress hormone-induced depression, as evidenced by a study completed in 2018 by the Molecular Nutrition & Food Research (1).  Elevated levels of cortisol are responsible for the onset of hormone-induced depression, and these can be regulated by the use of Chinese Hawthorn.

With thousands of years of successful use in traditional medicine, the many benefits of Chinese Hawthorn are now coming to the forefront in usage in various supplement formulas. Whether taken for improved blood flow, as an aid to weight loss or to prevent depression, Chinese Hawthorn might be the supplement you are looking for. Always remember to consult your doctor if you have concerns or questions relating to this supplement and the effects on your body.

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