Mandies Transformation

Mandie’s Transformation

When people learn about my 150+ pound transformational weight loss, they always ask the question: “Mandie, how did you do it?” I don’t have a magical answer. But, I did find an approach that I believe anyone can apply: master things one step at a time.

My journey started with the desire to live a fuller life – I was tired of letting life pass me by. Then, when I woke up one morning in 2015, I knew it was my time. I made a promise to myself to focus on two things: how I was fueling my body and how I was moving my body.

The first small change I made was to hydrate properly. I cut out liquid calories – pop, lattes and alcohol – and set a goal to drink 1 litre of water each day. When I mastered that, I upped it to 2 litres. I now regularly drink a 4 litres of water daily and it’s amazing the impact of that change alone. I have more energy and don’t have such a strong desire to constantly snack. #Hellohealthyskin

Next, I cut out fast food. I started to meal prep for the entire week so that I was in full control of what I was consuming. I learned about portion sizes, calorie counts and macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat). After 6 months, when I had a solid handle on meal prepping for my body’s needs, I allowed some flexibility back in my diet. Only now, I knew what to order to maintain progress towards my goals. #Helloconfidence

Once I had lost the first 70 pounds, I was feeling more confident in myself and invested in a personal trainer. I was never someone who exercised. I literally felt like I didn’t even know how! Working with a personal trainer for just 6 sessions changed my life – she taught me HOW to exercise and it uncovered a love of weightlifting! The gym is now a regular part of my life and a non-negotiable part of my fitness journey. #Hellomuscles

It’s been about 5 years since I started my journey and I’m a work in progress. My weight fluctuates from month to month, but I have maintained a loss of over 150 pounds for several years now… this is a journey, not a race for me! By focusing on one small step at a time I am more likely to make changes that are going to stand the test of time.
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