Vitamin D~Let the Sun Shine

Vitamin D~Let the Sun Shine

Are you dreaming of summer months and days filled with sunshine? I know I am.

However, did you know that Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin,” is produced by the body as a response to sun exposure? And no matter where I turn, daily reports of the significance of Vitamin D are showing up everywhere.

This fat soluble vitamin assists with the maintenance bones and teeth, supports the immune, brain, lung, cardiovascular and nervous system.

Vit D increases the absorption of calcium and other minerals in the body, keeping the bones strong and cells happy. Recent studies are also showing that low levels of D can contribute to poor sleep quality.

But did you know that Vit D also helps reduce body fat, increase muscle strength and promote muscular development? These are all important if weight loss and fitness agility are part of your wellness goals.

With the recommended daily amount of Vit D between 400-1000IU, incorporating Vit D rich fatty foods like wild caught salmon, herring, mackerel and tuna are one option. Then try adding in some wild mushrooms and last but not least foods fortified with Vitamin D such as diary, orange juice, soy milk and cereal which are all excellent choices.

However, this is often not enough, which is why supplementation of this vitamin is advised. This inexpensive vitamin is best taken in a D3 form paired with high fats to increase absorption.

We know that spending time in the sun is the best way to get your daily source of Vitamin D, however it’s good to have both nutritional and supplement options while we wait for those warm sunny days to appear.