Dry Brushing and Adrenal Fatigue

Dry Brushing and Adrenal Fatigue

Dry brushing is the practice of taking a soft and dry natural-bristle brush and gently massaging your body from the feet or legs upwards. One of the known benefits is the lowering of stress and cortisol levels. It’s one way of healing the adrenals and, consequently, improving your energy levels and overall well-being.

Adrenal health is contingent on trying to live with as little stress as possible. The more you reduce stress and the better you can deal with situations that cause it and the healthier your adrenal glands will be. Good adrenal health is vital to your mental and physical welfare.

Dry brushing is a form of massage, and scientific studies suggest these treatments can lower cortisol levels and stress. These various relaxing therapies can assist you in overdosing your body with cortisol, as this hormone is only healthy in small amounts.

Another common claim about dry brushing is that it stimulates the lymph vessels beneath the skin, strengthening the lymphatic system which helps detoxify the body. Dry brushing also has definite benefits as a means of exfoliation. It will make your skin look healthier, as you remove dead cells, and in addition, cellulite may temporarily be reduced through the plumping of the skin.

The best time to dry brush is first thing in the morning. Most people use upward brush strokes, but you can also brush in a circular motion. The technique is not critical. Do the feet, legs, stomach, chest, shoulders and the face. Avoid brushing too harshly, as you’ll remove healthy skin cells that give moisture protection. Some people brush daily, while others brush two or three times a week.

After brushing, wash the dead skin cells off in the shower or bath. Don’t use too much soap, as most soaps have a dehydrating effect. Once you are dry again, you can massage a soothing lotion into the skin. This adds to the pleasure of dry brushing, making it even healthier for the adrenals. Choose a product with natural moisturizing ingredients, such as aloe or jojoba oil.

Dry brushing is likely to improve adrenal health and skin appearance, but it’s not for everyone. Those with skin conditions, like rosacea or eczema, should try other methods or therapies. The good news is, there are many ways to enhance your adrenal health and quality of life.