Water B Göne And The Holidays!

The holiday season is when we typically indulge, which can lead to some unwanted
bloating. Bloating happens for many reasons, typically the root cause is gut inflammation and
water retention. Gut inflammation can happen when too much processed carbs, gluten,
lactose, saturated fats make it to the intestines. Process carbs and fake sugars can cause havoc
on the gut microbiome causing it to produce gas and other biproducts, which can lead to
irritation and bloating. Too much low-quality fats in the intestine can add to bloating because it
can trap the gas inside the gut. Gluten and lactose intolerance can be experienced by anyone.
The irritation felt by typically gluten and/or lactose intolerant individuals is due to these
proteins reaching the intestines without being processed by the enzymes in the stomach.
However, anyone can experience this irritation if too much gluten or lactose makes it to the
gut. This can happen when you eat too much gluten and lactose, especially when mixed with
easily digestible carbs (like sugar). Salt can be a large contributor to your bloating. Salt
consumption effects how much water you retain in your body. High salt consumption can lead
to not only your stomach being bloated but your face, ankles, and hands.
We designed a Water B Gone to help combat bloating helping you through this holiday
season. This formula contains diuretics like dandelion that will decrease the amount of water
you are retaining. Dandelion has also been proven to regulate blood sugar, this will help
decrease water retention, bloating, and drowsiness from too much baked goods. Juniper berry
is another diuretic that has also been added because of its ability to decrease the amount of gas
produced in the gut and its anti-inflammatory effects. Milk thistle has been added for liver
health to help with all the stress, alcohol, and food which is putting your liver in overdrive this
season. Next, we added Fucus vesiculosus, a brown alga that supports healthy gut along with
the improvement of carbohydrate digestion. Lastly vitamin B6 and magnesium was added to
help with metabolism and energy support. The holidays are time to celebrate, we have your
back so you can celebrate and still feel great!