Reclaïm and Your Hormones

I think we can all agree that sometimes we feel like we are being ruled by our hormones and due to cycles, stopping of cycles, and just abnormalities these hormones seem to be getting the better of us. We are here to show you that you reclaim your mind and body by regulating your hormones with our product Reclaim! Reclaim is a blend of different vitamins and herbs to
help target your hormones from many different angles.

Vitex is an adaptogen in the mix to help boost progesterone so you can improve your mental stamina and mood stability. Vitex along with white yam helps improve estrogen levels when low like during menopause or near the end of your cycle. This boost in good estrogen helps improve your mood and social skills.

Estrogen is a great hormone when metabolized properly it helps fight against cancer, improves skin, mental acuity, helps maintain a positive attitude and decreases inflammation along with a lot of other great things. However, if estrogen is metabolized improperly, it can have negative effects which can lead to estrogen dominance. That’s where our next ingredients
come in, DIM and broccoli works with estrogen to push it towards its positive metabolites.

Green tea and Calcium- D-Glucarate has also been added to the mix to help regulate estrogen metabolism and boost the immune system through aiding the liver. Curcumin, a
bioactive in turmeric, has been added to Reclaim to decrease inflammation and help restore the body to a better balance. Zinc and Astragalus have also been added to help boost the immune system to keep you ready for what life has to throw at you.

To help aid with mental acuity during menopause and that time of the month we added Lions main, lions’ main helps improve neuroplasticity over time and can improve your memory and alertness. Vitamin B6 has also been added to help support brain health and mood stability.

Reclaim is a well-thought-out supplement that is now a one-a-day supplement! We
worked hard to refine and redesign this supplement with you in mind to help improve your day-
to-day and make it more convenient to do so!