November 2022 Thoughts You Think

The “Thoughts You Think” are the first pillar of our core beliefs at Aeryon Wellness. Since many of our thoughts are subconscious, positive affirmations allow us to become more aware of our thought patterns and feelings. This reduces the risk of allowing negative thought patterns to take form. Affirmations allow you to acknowledge the things that prevent your happiness, which in turn, allows you to surround yourself with the things that you want in your life. We often take for granted the small things. Using positive affirmations allow you to remember how important the small things are. For example, if you’re healthy you may not appreciate it, but by using “I am healthy” as an affirmation, you are able to focus on and appreciate it!

Here are some affirmations you can use going into the last bit of 2022, let’s make it a great one!

I am worthy of my dreams.
I have the ability to overcome the challenges life presents me.
I release the drama of my past.
I am stepping into a powerful future.
I am confident and courageous.
I am grateful.
I am blessed.
I am strong.
I am loved.
I am enough.
I am in charge of how I feel and today I choose joy.
I am in charge of how I view my body and today I choose acceptance.
This is my story.
There will never be another just like me.

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